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Homo sapiens, we the human beings, like all living things on earth depend on the natural environment and the rest of the biodiversity for livelihood. The increase in the world population and the resultant increase in our needs for the natural resources, for subsistence, but much for   income, has led to some species being exploited to extinction. In the crave for better living, sometimes ostentatious living, especially in terms of urban and technological development, the natural environment and the resource base suffers, degradation and depletion.

It becomes incumbent on human kind, the greatest natural resource user, to rise up for a lasting resource base, by practicing sustainable use/management of their indigenous natural resources, hence, the creation of CIRMAD

CIRMAD is a not-for-profit and apolitical organisation interested and involved in biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, promotion of human rights, etc. as vehicles for sustainable development.

Its activities are governed by Law No. 90/053 of 19/12/90 as amended/supplemented by Law No. 99/0011 of 20/07/99.


CIRMAD becomes a reference body in the global partnership for biodiversity conservation and development by 2025.


CIRMAD works to contribute to global development through conservation awareness raising and innovative conservation actions, for the sustainable management of the indigenous natural resources and environmental protection at the grassroots.


Sustainable resource management for sustainable development!

Principal Objective

To promote the sustainable management of indigenous naturalresources for sustainable development

Specific Objectives:

  1. To raise public awareness on sustainable resource use and environmental protection
  2. To promote the conservation of medicinal wildlife.
  3. To build capacities for strategic protected area management
  4. To form/strengthen functional institutions for natural resources management.
  5. To promote the conservation of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee
  6. To promote aforestation and reforestation in and out of the protected areas.
  7. To promote good governance in the forestry/wildlife sector.
  8. To promote environmentally friendly farming.
  9. To promote local culture and ecotourism development.
  10. To promote human rights and gender equity.


  • Conservation and environmental education.
  • Capacity building for strategic protected area management.
  • Writing of Protected Area Security Operations Plans (PASOP)
  • Promotion of medicinal wildlife conservation.
  • Institution of Village Forest Management Committees (VFMCs) and local Vigilante Committees.
  • Conservation of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee
  • Identification and development of ecotourism sites.
  • Aforestation and reforestation in and out of protected areas.
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly farming
  • Promotion of primary health care
  • Promotion of arts and culture.
  • Advocacy for human rights and gender equity.
  • Etc.


Our area of operation is Cameroon and Africa in general.


Protecting wildlife translates to protecting every aspect of the environment: the forest as wildlife habitat and food source; the soil on which the trees and plants thrive and the waters that nourish all.



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